Computer Cleanup-

RDBM (New York Relational Database Management) Consulting will assist you in securely protecting your computer with our Firewalls and Antivirus tools. In addition to the setup and configuration of your routers, modems and firewalls, we will train you in how to troubleshoot common network problems when a technical consultant is not on site. We specialize in providing New York Network Security solutions.

Do you have Spyware? Is your computer slow from Downloading music and games? If so you might have Spyware on your computer. We can and will remove these dangerous programs for you. The end user often sees website advertise "Free" games, music or videos. As with everything in life, nothing is free. The price you pay for downloading these "Free" games is your privacy. These fraudalent companies and individuals install files on your computer that can be used to monitor your browsing activity and even worse install key-loggers on your computer; Key-Loggers are the most dangerous of spyware because these thiefs can steal important passwords that you enter on your computer. Don't be a victim of identity theft!!!! Let RDBM Consulting clean and secure your computer.

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