RDBM (New York Relational Database Management) Consulting specializes in the following database techniques:

Data Migration- This is the process of moving one data set in a database to another. Data Migration is started by mapping (linking up) the fields of the old database/data set into the production/live database. After quality assurance testing is completed, the data is migrated (changed locations) to the live database.

Data Conversions-In the process of moving data between systems, Data conversion is a necessity for moving the first source of data to the second source of Data to meet the requirements of the second source of data. RDBM (New York Relational Database Management) Consulting has mastered the art of all the different techniques that are involved in data conversions: Updating, Deleting, Transformation, Merging, Modifying and Exporting/Importing data.

Data Reporting-Data Reporting is the process of displaying data based on the conditions of the query you constructed. The data can be aggregated to display a drill-downed analysis of the data you are querying. RDBM (New York Relation Database Management) Consulting utlizes multiple different data reporting softwares such as: Crystal Reports, Logi and Microsoft Access.

Database Deduping-RDBM (New York Relational Database Management) Consulting specializes in deduping databases to eliminate storage redundancy. This is emerging as an important and possibly required management tool to ease backup efforts in the data center. Duplicate database records effect data accuracy and credibility. In addition, they can also affect database performance if they're too numerous compared to the total number of rows in the table.



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